Mythos Filmproduction GmbH


IN MEMORY: On 5. September 2013 Mr. Rochus Misch (the last contemporary witness of Hitler) dies peacefully at the age of 96

Film has to create emotions. Stories, who are exceptional. Who are haunting you. Who are making you laugh. Who are making you sad. Who are fascinating you. Who are inspiring you.

Mythos Filmproduction tells such stories. As a southgerman-production company we produce high grade reports, documentations and develope international cinema film footage. With a intuition for extraordinary stories we recognize the core of a object and extract the essence of the film.

With our experience in professional cinema- and TV-production we advise in conceptual questions, produce and develope: a remarkable creativity is the base of our work.

Our films are produced in a frame of international co-productions and are for a wide-ranging audience. With our productions we want to create innovative cultural advisory for a large, international public.

At the moment we produce a multipart international TV-documentation-series on the occasion of the 70st anniversary of the Demarkation of allied forces in the Normandy, the so-called D-Day.

This fascinating tv-documentation shows historical events in a complete new light and will the viewer inspire to speculations and discussions. Interviews with the last living witnesses will be commented and the first time will be shown colour film material, found by chance. The events will be also shown optical with help of special visual effects in a never demonstrated authenticity. Production will be in german and english language for to guarantee a global marketing.